JPG & PNG to Text Converter

Extract text from your images online

Based OCR technology, our tool will convert your scanned JPG, PNG...and PDF to one single Text file.

How to extract text from image

Just select your JPG or PNG image file, and after some seconds our tool will automatically extract all text found on your image, you will be able to download it from one single text file.

OCR function

We have integrated OCR technology in our tool, so with this function we have the best way to extract a text from scanned image files.


We are very happy that our converter support now more format than JPG, so PNG, BMP, GIF and many other are now supported, you can enjoy to convert them to txt.


Don't worry about your files, all uploaded and generated files will be removed from the server.


Our image to text OCR based converter support many languages, you need just to choose the language before uploading your image file.