Your Next Phone May Charge Over Air !

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Hey, it’s 2021 where are our flying cars? Well take a plane.

There are other cool inventions coming enough no more wires. A company producing cell phones and other gadgets has presented a new technology. It’ll help you charge your devices wireless like and not just wirelessly, but basically through the air.

Soon to charge your cell phone, you’ll simply need to walk into a room. It’ll be possible thanks to a special charging station. Whenever your devices nearby, one of the stations many antenna will detect it and its location, the station will get connected to your gadget, and it’ll start transmitting energy directly to your advise charging it.

Even if there’s some furniture or any other obstacle between your cell phone and the charging device, it won’t be a problem. Also, it’ll be possible to charge several gadgets at once. living rooms of the future may become totally wireless.

Imagine a small box standing somewhere in the corner with all of the devices attached to it. Your TV, your computer, the loudspeakers, desk lamps, and any other gadgets you use won’t have any cords, the kind of future we all deserve.

There are glasses that help legally blind people see, the device is worn around the head that can be charged or it can work on batteries for up to three hours. It has a high resolution camera on the front panel, it captures everything around a person. Then it projects the image onto the screens in front of the users eyes.

The user then can adjust the picture, they can zoom in and zoom out on the image to see baddeck. They can also change the color and brightness of what they’re seeing. With the help of these glasses. A person who can’t see the faces of their loved ones clearly will be able to spot the tiniest details. The device has a USB and HDMI ports to connect the glasses to a TV or computer and see the images directly from there.

Users can take photos and videos of what they see and store them using a special app. They can even share these images with others. But these goggles can only help people who haven’t lost their vision completely. In the future, scientists hope to develop a device that will help blind people see to this technology will be based on streaming images directly into the brain. Only four and a half billion people or 60% of the population have access to the internet. But there’s an option that soon enough, the internet won’t be a privilege anymore.

It’ll be like air, everyone will be connected to the global network. Everyone will be online even those living in faraway rural areas. The process is already in action. SpaceX is starlink is a space based internet service that already has more than 900 satellites in Earth’s orbit. By 2027. The company is planning to increase this number to 12,000 or even 47,000.

The satellites are designed to provide high speed internet connection everywhere around the planet. It’s also supposed to be free. The testing has started in rural Texas, where 45 families without internet access have been provided with it. The network will be growing, it’ll first provide the internet to particular households.

After that it will be entire cities, then hopefully, all countries around the world. The days of good old GPS devices and smartphones attached to your dashboard will soon be over. New holographic technology will allow you to project all the needed information right in front of your eyes. This way you won’t get distracted by having to look at the screen while on the road.

A small Bluetooth device will create a hologram right in front of you, you’ll be able to see the map your route and all the notifications coming from the selected apps. At the same time, you will be keeping your eyes on the road won’t you? These days, you can 3d print many things by people who 3d print houses take it to the next level.

A couple of such constructions already exist. There are some in the US and in France. One of these houses is already habitable. Just recently, a Dutch couple has moved into a one story 3d printed house in the Netherlands. From the outside the construction looks like a boulder. There are plans to build more of those in the area, creating a neighborhood of 3d printed houses, but the future ones are going to be even more complicated.

Some of them might have two or even three floors. Such buildings are usually printed based on an architect’s design a machine add cement layer by layer creating the walls. 3d printed houses are cheaper to make than regular ones. They’re made by machines that unlike people don’t have to drink, sleep or get paid. The machines also minimize the amount of cement needed to build a house. That’s why this technology is both cheaper and better for the environment.

The construction process is also faster. For example, the Dutch couple’s house was created in a mere 120 hours, which is just five days.

Today, people only wear contact lenses to see better, but this might change soon, developers have realized that lenses can be turned into a great device for everyday use. They’ve been working on a new technology since then, one of the first ideas was a lens that could allow people to take pictures of what they see record videos and store them.

Now the concept has changed and become even better. People are surrounded by screens, your cell phone, computer, TV, and all those monitors you see while simply walking down the street. But screens make your eyes tired very fast. So developers are planning to get rid of them. And contact lenses seem to be a perfect solution.

They’ll allow you to see everything right in front of your eyes, and people won’t need screens anymore. Such lenses will allow you to answer phone calls, check notifications, watch movies, surf the Internet, and do all the things you use your screens for. When you look straight ahead, you’ll see everything like you always do. But if you need to check your notifications or read some news, you’ll have to glance to the left or to the right to activate the interface of the lenses. It’ll probably look similar to your cell phone screen.

But it’ll all happen right in front of your eyes, and you’ll be the only one seeing it. No more strangers sneaking a peek at your screen. today. When you get a notification while you’re talking to someone, you need to pull your cell phone out of the pocket and look at it. In the future. Your eyes will flick and you’ll know what news you just got. Or you can download a speech for your presentation. Open it right in front of your eyes and read it out loud.

1000s of lives will be saved when people learn how to grow kidneys, livers hearts and other organs. Scientists have already figured out how to create the epidermis the upper layer of the skin. Using this knowledge they can help many people. In 2020 scientists also managed to produce the dermis, the inner layer of the skin. This technology is still being tested, but if it works, it’ll allow people to deal with even more serious problems that affect deeper layers of skin.

At the moment, scientists are working on learning more about the technology that will allow us to grow new organs in the lab. The next step is to create the thymus. This is a gland in the upper part of your chest between the lungs. The thymus is a part of your endocrine system. It helps your white blood cells called T cells fight diseases, infections and foreign substances that don’t belong in your body. Many people are born without this clan.

Learning to grow the thymus in the lab is an important step. Because this organ is in charge of a strong immune system. It helps a patient’s immune system recognize a newly transplanted organ. This way their body can successfully accept it as an original way. Growing organs isn’t an easy task. But there were times when people thought it was impossible to talk to a person living in a different city and look at us now.

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