Why Soda Bottles Are Never Full ?

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Soda bottles are always filled in such a way that there’s some space between the liquid level and the cap. That’s because these drinks contain carbon dioxide. This gas can expand if the bottle gets heated. If there’s no air gap in the bottle, it’ll break because of the pressure building inside. Also, when you open your drink, the gases go out in the form of bubbles, and the drink is likely to overflow. The gap helps with this problem too, except if you shake it up first, then open it. Now I’ve never done that. There are sounds most people can’t stand like the sound of a fingernail on a blackboard for someone scratching a window. Such noise irritates the amygdala. That’s a small part of your brain controlling your emotions, including fear and survival instincts. Some cheeses have holes in them. They’re called eyes. These eyes are made by bacteria used in the process of production. Point cheese is almost ready. These bacteria release carbon dioxide in his gas forms bubbles that later become the cheese’s eyes. See cats not different things over because of their hunting instincts. Your cat is simply checking whether the thing is alive or not, or it might want your attention. Cats are smart and know that humans come very fast when something is broken. When the pizza dough is ready, it gets manually spun in the air. This process removes lumps and creates its circular shape. It’s more convenient to bake around pizza. This way it gets heated evenly. Plus, it’s easier to cut around pizza into equal parts.

There have been reports of Raining Frogs, fish, and other unusual stuff dating back to ancient civilizations. Strong winds, such as those in a tornado or hurricane sometimes get so powerful that they can lift up a school of fish or frogs and rain them somewhere miles away. Lightning is never a triangle straight line or circle. It always has a zigzag shape. Lightning is an electric current and it always takes the path of least resistance. Air is uneven and irregular containing dust particles, gases and other substances. So lightning just seeks the best way through. Flowers have different colors because of the color pigments they contain. But there are other factors, for example the amount of light they received while growing, or the temperature of the environment around them. Even the pH level of the soil can have an impact on flowers coloration. by tilting their head dogs try to understand all you’re saying correctly, it’s the way to adjust their ears to the sounds they hear. It may also be the way to show their empathy to the owner, or they got something stuck in there. tickling is bound to cause a laughter reflex but nothing will happen if you tickle yourself. That’s because there will be no element of surprise. Your brain knows what you’re going to do. barcodes speed up the purchasing process.

If a barcode consists of 12 digits, the one on the very left is a system identifier. For example, two means it’s a randomly weighed item three is used for products related to health. The next five digits identify the manufacturer, and the following five are the products number. The last one is the check digit scanners needed to make sure they’ve read the code correctly. The song is bound to get stuck in your head. If it’s music is simple, the text is repetitive and short and the rhythm makes you move. Another reason you might have an ear worm is that you hear some songs too often and your brain can easily detect them. highlighters are filled with a special semi transparent fluorescent ink that can glow in dim light, yellow and light green hues are the most popular because they don’t prevent you from seeing the text after black and white photocopying. photocopiers perceive yellow and light green marks as very pale and don’t print them. With age your hair loses its natural color.

It happens because keratin receives less pigment. As people grow older, the pigment cells and their hair follicles gradually vanish and hair becomes gray, some time passes and no pigment is produced at all. That’s when hair turns white trees now growing at a certain age, it might be because when a tree reaches a particular height, it gets difficult for it to pull water from the soil. Because after that, it needs to pump it all the way to the top. And that’s when gravity comes into play. Some trees like the Baobab start growing out instead of up once they reach their full height. Your own body makes mosquito bites swell and edge. A mosquito breaks your skin. Your immune system perceives the insects alive as a foreign substance. So it starts a special reaction to flesh the intruder out of your body. A compound produced by the immune system called histamine makes the blood flow faster around the bitten area and it causes the swelling. The histamine also sends a signal to the nearest nerves which makes the bite itch.

Keys usually fly in a V shaped formation to conserve energy and make sure none of their team members get lost. You can hum while holding your nodes trust me, during humming you exhale air. But when both your mouth and your nose are closed, the air can escape. The longer you can hum like this is two seconds, then you’ll have to open your mouth and catch your breath. Road and construction workers are usually dressed in orange. Because the bright orange shoe is visible even in bad weather. It’s the most effective color to attract attention and alert people. No wonder lots of safety jackets and traffic cones are orange as well. Modern day perfectly round coins used to be shaped randomly or have no shape whatsoever in the past. But this honest people stole valuable metals.

The coins were made up by chipping their corners off. Of course it was illegal. To prevent this kind of fraud. They invented round coins. After that it instantly became obvious when the coins had been fiddled with. Most ambulances have this word printed on the front of the vehicle, which is the word ambulance backwards. It’s written in reverse so that the driver in front of the ambulance can see the word properly in their rearview mirror, then they can move out of the way and let the ambulance pass.

White is the most popular color for painting aircraft. It reflects sunlight most effectively, which doesn’t let the plane heat up too much. All kinds of cracks, dance and other damage are much more visible on the white background. It means the fault can be spotted and repaired as fast as possible. And finally, it costs less to buy a white colored airplane because it’s the color they have at birth. Unlike what many people believe adding salt to water won’t make it boil faster. It’s true that salt water gets hotter more quickly than the regular one. But its boiling point is also higher. Since salt add some extra mass to the water so it won’t make things speed up. The first basketballs were brown because they were made of brownish leather. But such balls were difficult to see for both players and for fans.

To make the basketball more visible. They decided to make it orange. Ooh, like the traffic cones. flamingos are born gray, but they turn pink because of their diet. A lot of tiny shrimps and blue algae. Both of these products are packed with special pigments. When the flamingos liver processes these pigments, special molecules traveled to the birds legs bill and feathers, painting them pink doughnuts are shaped like rings because otherwise they might get over done at the edges but uncooked and gooey inside with a hole in the center. Both the outsides and the insides get ready at the same time. Bears don’t sleep for months during hibernation. Instead, all the processes in their body slow down. They don’t need to eat or drink, but they can still react to any unexpected things going on around them. You see the sun as yellow or orange because the atmosphere of our planet scatters such colors as blue, green and violet. This is also why the sun looks warmer at sunrise and sunset.

Emergency Services use two colors of flashing lights red and blue. The red one is associated with mourning and danger. It’s also one of the most noticeable colors, but this color can get lost in heavy traffic. Because most cars have red taillights. That’s when blue flashing lights come in handy. Your tongue doesn’t have separate bittersweet, sour or salty sections for tasting each of the 8000 taste buds you have on the tongue, the roof of the mouth or even in the throat. Yep, can detect all the tastes. Lots of private houses have triangular shaped rooms. Because this allows rain snow and fallen leaves does slide off the slope. If all this stuff piled up on top of your house, one day your roof would collapse. kangaroos have muscular legs, big feet and tails that allow them to move forward really fast, but the animal can’t go in the opposite direction as because of their body construction.

Leather often looks dull to the eye because it’s covered with Itsy Bitsy scratches and scrapes they scatter the light that hits the material. When you coat your shoes in a layer of wax you fill these tiny crevices, the surface becomes smoother and the rays of light bounce off it more evenly. That’s why the leather looks shiny. Red tag colors indicate the day when the bread was baked. For Monday they use the blue tag. Tuesday is green and Thursday is red. Bread bags have white tags on Friday, and on Saturday they are yellow. This makes it easy for grocery store employees to remove stale bread from the shelves and replace it with freshly baked won. Wimbledon tennis balls are always stored at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature can influence their bounciness. When the ball is warm gas molecules inside and expand. This makes the ball bounce here after the cools down the molecule shrink. This decreases the bounciness. When a storm is coming, clouds seem to turn dark, but it’s just an illusion. Thin clouds on a sunny day let the light through easily.

They also scatter all the colors of the light spectrum. This makes us perceive the clouds as white. But the thicker the clouds are and the more water droplets they contain, the less light they lead through, and the darker they look. Modern light bulbs come in all shapes, styles and sizes. But in the past, all light bulbs used to be spherical. This shape made the glass stronger and less prone to breaking and the sphere worked best when it came to delivering light. Even if your blender stops chopping food and just spins it around in circles, you’ve probably skipped the pulse button. Most modes make the ingredients move around in the same direction at the same speed. But the pulse function creates turbulence and instead of rolling around, fruit pieces fall into the center and turn into a smoothie. I like smoothies. The markings on the bottom of a toothpaste tube are there for the factory robots.

Colorful squares mark the line that helps machines understand where to cut and fold the tube. green and black tea come from the same bush. The leaves get their different tastes and looks after they get harvested. Green tea is withered and heated through steaming and black tea is crushed or curled and then left to oxidize and darken. the stop sign has an eight sided shape to help drivers recognize it easily, even if they see it from the back. And when the signs weren’t reflective yet. The octagon shape prevented drivers from confusing the stop sign with any other at night. Water is great at cleaning stuff because it has triangular molecules. They’re made of one oxygen in two hydrogen atoms, h2o.

Such molecules have slightly different charges on their opposite sides, pretty much like magnets. That’s why water easily sticks to other molecules, including those that make up dirt. Glass breaks so easily because its atoms are arranged rather loosely and randomly. They can’t rearrange themselves fast enough to maintain the glasses structure. As a result, glass doesn’t bend, it shatters. Earth doesn’t get closer to the sun in the summer. In reality, it’s closest to it in January and farthest in July. It’s warmer in the summer. Because Earth’s axis is tilted. It lets the planet’s Northern part catch more sunlight for half of the year and the southern part for the other half. You can only squeeze in some desert No matter how much salad Super Meat you’ve eaten before your body gets bored of savory taste. But when you see and smell something sweet, like ice cream cakes or chocolate, your brain gets excited. It overrides all fullness signals for pleasure. Plus, your stomach is a flexible organ and sugar helps it relax and physically make room for dessert. Hey, I can use that information.

The First Solar calculator hit the shelves in the late 1970s. That’s when scientists began experimenting with relatively cheap solar cells. calculators were among the first products that needed a little power to work. Later this technology moved to larger stuff, such as lights and the highway signs.

Light isn’t the fastest thing in the world. Of course, Nothing can compare to its speed in a vacuum, but it slows down when going through water or glass. Orange is the fruit not the traffic cone aren’t always orange. The green skin variety is just as Sweden right? This unusual skin color protects oranges from the sun. It’s also a sign there’s plenty of chlorophyll in the fruit. That’s why green oranges mostly grow in warmer climates. A shadow was cast when you have an object in the path of light. Light travels in a straight line, which is why you always get a shadow when something’s in front of a light source. birds and airplanes are no exception. They do cast shadows, but you can’t see them. The closer the object is to a light source, the denser a shadow is and if the object is too far away, its shadow disperses.

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