What Happens to Your Body If You Don’t Sleep for 1 Week!

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It’s been a long and hard day, you ran a few miles this morning.

Then you spent the whole day in the office developing a mobile app to improve sleep. In the evening, you went to a party with friends and came home only late at night.

Finally, a warm bed, you jump on it, look out the window, and watch as the moon is getting replaced by the sun slowly, then you realize that something strange has happened. One day without sleep, you get out of bed.

And as you’re looking at the clock, you get perplexed. It’s been six hours since you got home. The temperature in the room was normal. You went to the shower, the light was dimmed. You definitely wanted to sleep, but something went wrong. You come to work and tell your colleagues that you feel unwell today, because you didn’t sleep all night.

They reply that they had the same problem. You all feel tired. The work is progressing poorly. Everyone’s mood is getting worse. You’re so sleepy that you cancel all evening meetings. Finally, the working day ends and you leave the office, you call a taxi.

The driver yawns and admits that he almost didn’t sleep all night. He feels tired and runs a red light. Fortunately, he manages to avoid an accident. You get out of the car, go to the store and see that all the people around you are tired, you return home, turn on the TV and find out that people all around the world have experienced the same problem.

For some reason, people just can’t fall asleep. Nobody knows for how long this will continue. But scientists are already trying to solve the problem. It doesn’t bother you much. You’re exhausted and you can fall asleep in a couple of seconds for sure. You fall on the bed, close your eyes and just lie there. You hear all the sounds outside the window.

You hear the neighbors arguing about something behind the wall. You hear your phone ringing, all the sounds annoy you. You put in earplugs put on a sleeping eyemask cover yourself with a blanket. And now your heart beating and breathing prevents you from sleeping two days without sleep. angry and tired. You leave the house. People walk around with bags under their eyes. They also seem unhappy.

You come to work and have arguments with your colleagues. The boss lets everyone go home early because it’s impossible to work like this. You’re walking around the city and you’re terrified. car horns passers by, they’re not only annoying, but they also frighten you. The road to the house seems to be a serious test. You haven’t slept for more than 48 hours. It causes a feeling of anxiety inside you severe fatigue and increased stress level. More than 7 billion people are experiencing the very same thing at this moment. In the late afternoon.

A sleepy TV news anchor reports that all flights have been canceled. Also, it’s forbidden to drive a car or any vehicle. All people should stay at home. But scientists admit they’re already close to solving the mystery. Three days without sleep on TV programs with meditation and hypnosis are on to make people sleep. But it just won’t work. No more journalists and TV presenters, people are not able to work normally in such conditions.

You drink a huge amount of coffee, but it’s useless. All the malls and even convenience stores are closed. Sleepy people walk like zombies on the streets. Emergency News starts at noon on all TV channels. The host can’t pronounce the speech clearly. He stammers gets confused in words, but still says the main thing. Scientists haven’t been able to find out the cause of global insomnia because they really want to sleep and can’t work anymore. You hear it and realize that you don’t care. Suddenly, the electricity goes out.

All the factories and power plants are no longer working. Electricity is supplied offline and is turned off several times a day to save energy. People get furious. They go out into the street and demand an explanation. The protests have been going on for several hours, the shops are closed, but everybody still comes there for coffee.

In just a few minutes. Coffee disappears from everywhere. If you can’t sleep, then coffee may help you feel cheered up. But it doesn’t help cheerfulness last for only a few minutes, the protests and quickly as people get tired, they return home upset and exhausted. Some people who stayed on the protests are sure that Wales are at fault for everything. Other people think that insomnia was always a part of our lifestyle. We just didn’t notice it. You repaint the wallpaper at home and orange because you’re sure this is the best color for sleeping.

In fact, you and all people are missed. stakin after three days without sleep, a person’s thinking gets worse delusions, and even illusions appear. You’re sitting in your bed because you’re afraid to step on the floor. The whole room is swarming with small toothy cats, and the bed is the safest place. For days without sleep, the cat’s disappeared and you decide to make breakfast. for several hours, you try to cut tap water with a fork, then you understand that you’re not hungry. Your body doesn’t want to eat anymore. You want to sleep unbearably.

A special report is shown on TV, several pterodactyls have landed on the streets and are handing out free burgers to everyone. You don’t want to miss such a party and go outside. There aren’t many people around, someone is laughing. Someone is talking to the air and you’re looking for. You’ve already forgotten what exactly on the fourth day without sleep, the perception of reality is distorted. Your brain blurs the line between reality and imagination. Five days without sleep, you’re not at home. Because the concept of home doesn’t exist.

You like other people are losing touch with reality. Fortunately, there’s no chaos on the street. Everyone is too tired and exhausted to create problems. The world now looks like a giant aquarium where people swim like small fish memory is deteriorating. You don’t remember who you work for, and what you want from life. Instead, you try to catch up with a unicorn that’s running through a green meadow. Other people also run with you. But then it turns out they’re all just illusions. You don’t understand what’s going on.

And you don’t know anything except one thing. You’re insanely sleepy. Six days without what is without what’s happening. Who am I? The human body can no longer function normally. To keep energy. You sit down on a bench and just wait for something for a long time. The strongest and hardiest continue to walk aimlessly around the city. Here’s a guy who walks into a store and takes a lot of food from there. But on the way home, he loses all the stuff. Here’s a girl jumping over an imaginary chasm. You watch as the sky turns purple and frozen lightning begins to grow from the ground. You spend several hours on the bench, or maybe a few seconds, or maybe a few years, the concept of time has disappeared.

And then at some moment, you finally managed to fall asleep. You just passed out on the spot. For some unknown reason, dreams returned to humanity. When this happened. People just started to lose consciousness. For the next two days. Everyone sleeps, rain, hot weather cold birds, nothing can wake you up. The whole world is sleeping the soundest sleep in history. Meanwhile, wild animals have filled the streets of some cities. Because of the accumulated garbage. The rat population has increased. nature and the air have become cleaner.

You wake up with a dry mouth. Your whole body hurts. You’ve got no energy, it’s difficult to speak. Fortunately, you fell asleep near a fountain. So you immediately jump into it. And the cold water invigorates your mind. You recall what happened. People around are slowly waking up. You help them come to their senses. human life is returning to its former rhythm. Scientists have found out that an unknown phenomenon deprive people of sleep for precisely seven days. Now everyone monitors the quality of their sleep.

The mobile app you’ve been developing for several months becomes popular and makes you a millionaire.

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