True Depth of Bermuda Triangle May Explain the Disappearances !

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In 1945, five TBF Avenger aircraft took flight for a routine training exercise around the Bermuda Triangle. In the middle of the exercise, the planes were struck by intense rain and heavy winds. Despite the clear weather forecast, the pilots became extremely disoriented and radioed the base to report that their navigational equipment had stopped working.

The last thing the base heard was when the first plane drops below 10 gallons. We all go down together, and then static. The five planes and their 14 passengers are never seen or heard from again. On his very first voyage to the new world in 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed through the Bermuda Triangle.

Columbus reported that one night when he was on the deck of the ship, he noticed a giant light appear in the distance unlike anything he had ever seen before. Columbus looked at his compass for direction, and it gave off erratic readings.

You might have noticed that the Bermuda Triangle doesn’t appear on any world map. This is because official institutions refuse to acknowledge that the area actually exists. In March 1918, carrying a crew of 306 people, the USS Cyclops left Barbados and headed home to Baltimore and the ship passed through the Bermuda Triangle on its journey and was never seen again.

The Cyclops never issued any distress signal and disappeared without any explanation, making it the largest ship to go missing in the Bermuda Triangle. No wreckage has ever been found. No one exactly knows how many ships and planes have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. The rough estimate is 50 ships and 20 planes. Most of the time, the disappearances had no explanation and no wreckage has ever been left behind.

In the year 1800, a large sailing vessel called the USS Pickering departed from the US on its way to the West Indies. The ship sailed into the Bermuda Triangle along with its 90 man crew and was never heard from again.

The USS Pickering was the first ever confirm ship to vanish in the Bermuda Triangle. It’s believed that the ship was taken out by a storm. But because no wreckage was ever found, we’ll never know for sure.

William Shakespeare’s famous play The Tempest was inspired by the Bermuda Triangle. Sailors returned home to England to tell stories of treacherous waters near the Bahamas, where ships mysteriously disappeared. These stories made it back to the Bard himself, and inspired his final play about a storm at sea transporting a ship to a mysterious land.

The shipwreck and Shakespeare’s play is based on the 17th century ship sea venture. The ship was carrying supplies from England to Virginia, when it was struck by a massive storm in the Bermuda Triangle. Sea venture was battered by the storm for three days and barely made it to the shore. Survivors of the wreck were stranded on a desolate stretch of Bermuda for nine months.

When the TBF Avenger planes went missing, a massive search operation was conducted. boats and planes search the Bermuda Triangle for any signs of the aircraft. One of the boats searching was a pbn five Mariner airboat. The airboat took flight at 7:27pm and called in a routine radio message three minutes later, then, it was never heard from again.

No trace was ever found of the rescue airboat or the five Avenger aircraft. A huge investigation was launched into the disappearance of all these vehicles, but nothing was ever discovered. Because the Bermuda Triangle isn’t a recognized place. No one knows its exact location or size. Some people believe it covers around 500,000 square miles around the Bermuda area. Other people believe the triangle is as big as 1.5 million square miles.

The Bermuda triangle is one of the most heavily traveled shipping routes in the world. Some skeptics believe that this fact solves the Bermuda Triangle mystery. Statistically, the busier the area, the higher the frequency of accidents and disappearances. While this makes sense, it’s not the frequency of disappearances that’s responsible for the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. It’s the lack of explanation or wreckage found.

The Bermuda triangle is home to the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean, the Milwaukee deep, the area has a maximum depth of over 27,000 feet. This is one of the deepest points in the ocean floor, but still not close to the massive 35,000 feet of the Mariana Trench, but the huge depth might explain how such little wreckage

has been found. The Bermuda triangle is home to some pretty intense and unexpected weather. Storms build up quickly and unexpectedly, then disappear soon after. If you blink, you might miss it. This could explain why few distress signals are issued. pilots and sailors never saw the weather coming.

In the year 1800 again, the ship USS insurgent was on patrol when it stopped briefly at a coastal base before heading back out to sea. That was the last time USS insurgent was ever seen.

A severe storm reportedly struck the West Indies around that time. It’s believed that storm was so powerful, it could have caused the sinking of both the USS insurgent and USS Pickering, which vanished around the same time, like the Pickering, no wreckage of the insurgent was ever discovered. A popular theory suggests that rogue waves are responsible for many disappearances. Rogue waves are called extreme storm waves by scientists.

They occur when different weather patterns take place at the same time and cause large unexpected waves that reach up to 100 feet tall. Witnesses say that the waves look like giant walls of water.

These waves could explain why ships go down fast and without leaving any trace. Joshua Slocum was an extremely talented sailor. He was the first person to ever sail single handedly around the world, but sadly, he was no match for the Bermuda Triangle. In November 1909 Slocum said goodbye to his wife and set off on one of his usual winter voyages to the West Indies. Slocum his wife reported him missing after several months passed without any contact. It said that he called in at Miami to resupply before vanishing into the Bermuda Triangle.

Just off the coast of Japan, you’ll find the Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific Ocean. They call it the dragons triangle. between 1950 and 1954. Nine ships disappeared in this area without leaving a trace. The ship Kyle Morrow five was sent to investigate these unexplained disappearances when it also vanished.

After this incident, the Japanese authorities labeled the area as a danger zone and sailors are encouraged to avoid it. on the ocean floor. decomposing organisms led off large concentrations of methane gas that gets trapped under the water. This gas can build up until boom, it ruptures, the gas surges up to the surface and erupts.

If a ship was in the area of one of these ruptures, the water would become much less dense and cause the ship to sink rapidly and without warning, scientists believe this could be the cause of the many disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. While this theory makes a lot of sense, it doesn’t seem too likely. The United States Geological Survey has stated that no large releases of gas are believed to have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle for the past 15,000 years.

In July 2015, two teenagers disappeared after setting sail off the coast of Florida. There’s some mystery about what the two teams were really getting up to. They told their parents that they were just going to fish, but they told their friends that they were crossing to the Bahamas. Shortly after they left a line of thunderstorms move towards the area, and the boys were never heard from again.

A massive 15,000 mile search was conducted. But sadly, nothing was found. One year later, the piers boat was found off the coast of Bermuda with a broken iPhone and some personal effects left inside. One of the most popular and bizarre theories trying to solve the Bermuda Triangle mystery comes from Charles berlitz.

He insists that the area is home to the lost city of Atlantis. The missing ships and planes and malfunctioning equipment. According to him, were all caused by rays of energy led out by the special energy crystals that power Atlantis. While this sounds silly berlitz. His theory was convincing enough that over 20 million people bought his book worldwide.

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