Trick to Save Battery Life When You’re Running Low!

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Well, well, you had a busy day sightseeing in a new city, you constantly use navigation took 5000 pictures, and video call your best friend every 10 minutes. All this drains your phone battery to 12%. And you still have to do a live stream of fireworks book a room for the night and find your way there. You decide to try all the possible ways to save battery somehow, you shut down all the apps one by one, by by messenger photo editing app, no more shopping online force quit this and that and your battery drops to 7%.

You want to spend them wisely and Google the matter. Turns out closing background apps eats more battery than letting them run loops. When you force quit an app, your phone spends its precious juice on closing the app and clearing it from Ram. And when you decide to open the app again, it’ll spend more resources on bringing it back to life. When you leave one app and start using a different one. The first one is stored in RAM. It sits there quietly in the ready to relaunch in exactly the same condition state and will jump back into action without wasting any extra battery time or data.

Your phone has its own memory management mechanisms. It’ll close the apps that you haven’t used for a long time, or the ones that are using more battery than they should. You can help the system work smoothly and fast by not trying to do the job for the phone and let it decide which apps to keep running in the background. So you realize your phone won’t last the evening. So you hop into the nearest hotel. Someone told you it helps if you drain the battery completely. But the internet says it’s another myth. Batteries used in phones over 10 years ago lasted longer if you drop them to zero before plugging the phone into an electricity source. lithium ion batteries use these days preferred going at somewhere between 30% and 80%. If you often let it drain completely before charging it again, you’re adding unnecessary charge cycles. In that case, be prepared to replace the battery every six months or so. Now you need to charge your phone as fast as possible not to miss the fireworks.

And remember everything you know about Express charging and take the case. Most of them are made of materials that stop the heat from going out. The lithium ion battery inside your phone is most effective when it’s cool, cool. Too much heat slows it down and wears it out. The higher the temperature, the slower the charging process. There’s a charging dock in your hotel room, but you don’t use energy transfers faster through a physical cable. Plus all that energy spreading around on the charging pad or stand heats up your phone which is no good. A USB port on your computer won’t do your gadget any harm because it has a lower amperage, but it will do the job about two times slower. So you stick to a wall socket looks like it’s too high and the phone will hang loose, which isn’t safe.

So you make a loop out of the cord and put your phone in that loop. It has to lie steadily in there not to drop out your phone charges by 5% and you start scrolling down your newsfeed it’s safe to use the phone while it’s charging, but it’ll seriously slow down the process. Instead, turn on airplane mode. It speeds up the charging process thanks to shutting down all possible radios like cellular GPS Bluetooth in the light and all sounds. Plus if you’re in an area with bad coverage, it won’t waste battery looking for signal. Your iPhone charges up to 80% most of them have optimized battery charging on by default. It studies your charging habits and slows down charging after 80% when you’re sleeping or in some other situations. While you’re connected to a power source. You update tr o ‘s.

The latest version will always have patches and fixes for all sorts of issues, including charging problems. And newer operating systems work better with newer technologies like the fast charging feature on androids done time to go see the fireworks on your way there you run into a store that sells fast chargers. You never trusted those. But a salesperson explains they’re safe for your fall. They skyrocket to 60% in 10 to 30 minutes, and then charge at a regular speed to avoid too much current running into your phone. You can also pick up a new charger, quality third party ones have built in safety mechanisms just like the original chargers and won’t do your phone any harm. If your phone can handle 12 watts, getting a 10 watt charger will speed up the process. Most phones come with five watt charges. A good cable can also be a real game changer. There are four wires inside any of them to for data transfer and two for charging. They set the limit to charging speed. The salesperson explains that if you want to go faster, you can upgrade from a standard cable to a high quality one. You listen so attentively, that you accidentally drop some soda on your old charger. Now you have no other choice but to replace it.

Even a tiny drop of water or sweat can slow down the process or ruin it off. The salesperson also checked your lightning port. If there’s a buildup of dust and lint in there, just like your bellybutton, you can’t expect it to fly at the speed of lightning anymore. He carefully removes the clog up from the court with a toothpick. You can do the same at home, your new friend hand you a manual on how to save battery and you study it on the go. The first thing you do is change your wallpaper. Most new phones have an OLED display. When you see a dark wallpaper, it doesn’t have to waste power on lighting up black pixels. So the larger the dark areas on the screen, the less battery at ease.

You also turn on dark mode, it boosts up the battery a lot. To activate it you open settings display in brightness, and choose the dark option. You can choose to activate it at sunset or sunrise automatically every day. Android owners can do it in display advanced find device theme near the bottom of the feature list and activate the dark setting. you deactivate the automatic brightness mode and settings accessibility display and text size. It’s brought to you by a light sensor that spends even more power on collecting and analyzing data about the surroundings to pick the right light level. If you have an Android, you can do it in settings display. Choose to disable auto brightness or adaptive brightness, so you manually dim your screen brightness to a comfortable level. You also shorten the auto lock time to a minimum, the sooner your screen goes off. When you aren’t using your phone, the less energy it’s eating. You can adjust it in settings display and brightness auto law on an Android you can find it in menu settings screen or display. Here you can select the right time period under timeout or screen timeout. boy do I know about timeouts The sun is about to set but it’s still super warm outside. That’s not good for your battery that doesn’t like extreme temperatures.

That’s why you shouldn’t drop it in the car seat under the sun or use it when it’s above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Crazy cold isn’t much better. You’ll see your battery drop and then go back to normal as it warms up. But it is unhealthy Ring ring, you just got a promo email. Unless you need to stay up to date for work. You should be fine with your phone fetching nail every 30 minutes, hourly or even manual checks for a secondary email. You can set your interval in settings accounts and passwords under fetch new data. The longer the interval, the more battery you’re saving on an Android, go to the settings menu and choose email. In common Settings section. Tap on Settings menu. Select the account to adjust the settings Tap on sync settings sync schedule, set sync schedule and pick the interval you live. You still have enough battery to find the best firework viewing location. It’s to the right and up the hill. Wow, what have you. Now you can disable location services and start that live stream everyone has been waiting for.

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