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1. Why users should choose your service over others?

Because our service is the best way to converting PDF to Word doc preserving the original layout, content and graphics.  In addition, our service provides:

i) Unmatched quick conversion. No other service, software or online tool, gives this quick result like

ii) Ease of use. Our conversion solution is really simple to use. You do not need to tweak a lot of options and functions, yet you will get the best result there is.

Iii) Security. There is no other third party software or server involvement. All the files uploaded are secured and safe from any unwanted exposition. All the files, after the conversion is done, is safely deleted from our server automatically, leaving you with the only copy.

iv) Better performance. Our online tool is unparalleled in its work and end result. It is the only service that will preserve the original layout, graphics and contents yet change the pdf to Word doc. Our service is the most error free one out there. You can check out other competitions, but you will definitely choose our service.

v) Cost. You don’t need to worry about how costly this service is. Compared to other services out there, this is the most economical and user friendly service.

2. Once the converted file is received, what happens to the uploaded file?

It will be deleted from the server automatically. We do not store your files, or give them over to any other service. All the conversion process is done under one roof (server system), and after the files are safely deleted from the server. You can be rest assured that you have the only copy of your file, now and forever.

3. What promotional activity worked best for you?

Our best promotional tool is our service and its power packed features. Once any user or client has used our service here at they have generously stayed with us, and recommended us to their colleagues and friends. We also hope that you will find our service satisfactory and refer to this when someone asks about your document managing software.

4. What is the reason for starting your service when there were already many others?

Our online service is among in the list of first site to convert pdf files to word since 2008. Since then we’ve grown and turned into a complete solution for converting pdf to word. Our experience in this field makes us more capable of handling the conversion task with better accuracy and precision. We also want our clients to enjoy the best service that they deserve. Compared to our service, other sites and software cannot match the features. We want to make this conversion process available to all and make this service known. Many users try other services to convert their pdf to Word doc and become unsatisfied with the output. We want to change that and make them want to use this type of service again. 

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532 points

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