How to Fall Asleep Fast When Your Mind Is Racing

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Here it comes again. You lie in your bed with your eyes wide open, and thoughts start running through your head, a relaxing bath, a glass of warm milk, counting sheep, nothing seems to help with this mental ambush of racing thoughts. So try this Instead, focus on the here. And now. The thoughts that don’t let us fall asleep are often connected with the past or the future. We worry about what can possibly happen, or regret doing or not doing things in the past. If this is what happens to you try to focus on what’s going on right here right now. While we can’t change the past or predict the future, the present moment is something we can control. This change of focus can give us the relaxation our brains need. Schedule a particular time to worry, just like you schedule a time to go shopping, meet up with your friends or do household chores.

You can try planning 15 to 30 minutes in the day for your worries, devote this time to the thoughts that are bothering you and chances are, they won’t come back later in the evening. During this worrying time. Write down your stressful thoughts on paper and think of some practical steps you can take to tackle the issue that worries you. Be persistent and try to make this technique part of your routine to achieve better results. Don’t force yourself to fall asleep. Instead of trying and failing to fall asleep. Get out of bed and do something. Drink some tea, read a book or write in your journal. Go back to bed when you start feeling sleepy. staying in bed and forcing you to sleep can make your brain associate bed with insomnia and worries. Turning your bedroom into a place where it’s hard to sleep.

Try breathing exercises, racing thoughts are often connected with stress and stress increases our heart and breathing rates. slow deep breathing can help you calm down and quiet your thoughts. You can also try other breathing exercises and techniques to prevent stress and anxiety throughout the day. Try a muscle relaxation technique. You can use this relaxation technique right in your bed, one by one tense and relax your muscles moving from the toes up to the head. This exercise will help you relax train muscles and force you to focus on these parts of your body which will distract your attention from any racing thoughts. distract yourself. You can try a calming hobby, or a relaxing activity that suits you best, like reading, using a coloring book or listening to music or cooking.

This will help shift the focus from these racing thoughts and the fact that you can fall asleep to something more pleasant. Just avoid your phone as a distraction. The blue light it emits will actually keep you up longer.

Turn on the TV. If nothing helps your favorite TV show can work as the distraction your brain so desperately needs. The light that the TV emits is farther from your eyes than the one that comes from your phone so it doesn’t affect your sleep hormones as badly. In fact, many of us can easily fall asleep just listening to the TV with our eyes closed. Breathe in the aroma of lavender essential oil is often used in aroma therapy for stress relief, relaxation and better sleep. You can sprinkle a couple of drops on a towel or cloth or add some oil to your band. Just make sure you’re not allergic to it first. Hey Sweet dreams.

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